Calesa Township Trails System

The Immersive Trail System at Calesa Township is the first of its kind in Ocala! A mix of adventure trails and fitness paths lead to Ina A. Colen Academy, Florida Aquatics Swimming & Training (FAST), and a wide array of community amenities.


This unique community amenity will include miles of trails, paved and unpaved, throughout the neighborhoods of Calesa Township to provide for safe passage of kids roaming from place to place, people exercising, or families out for a relaxing stroll. These trails define life within Calesa Township!

Along the trail system, residents can stay active and explore their community with yoga pavilions, strength-building power parks, trail kiosks, and adventure trails conveniently spaced throughout the network of paved paths.

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Run, Jump, Ride, or Walk Throughout Calesa Township!

Trails at Calesa Township Ocala, FL
Calesa Township trails kiosk in Ocala, FL
Walking the neighborhood trails of Calesa Township

Calesa Township is Ocala’s Next Big Thing in Family Living!

With an extensive trails systems including both dirt trail nature hikes, to paved fitness path with outdoor exercise equipment and yoga pavilions perfectly spaced throughout the community, Calesa Township is the place to be! This unique trails system will keep children and adults of all ages occupied and motivated for hours. Best of all, kids will be able to move throughout the community without having to cross a street. Complete with community pools, soccer fields, and basketball courts, Calesa Township is likely to be the healthiest community in Ocala, FL.


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*Calesa Township is an Equal Housing Opportunity community.