Birds of Passage Tunnel

Artists: Don Rimx, Nicole Salgar & Chuck Berrett

This mural is a collaborative piece created for the residents of Calesa Township. The artists wanted to pay homage to the diverse history of the land, its ecosystem and beauty. Their inspiration came from the historical artifacts left behind by the property’s indigenous inhabitants and the varied wildlife species native to the area.

The tunnel begins with a water inspired background, which is dissected into various directions by arches of colorful bricks, and structures of raw wooden beams. As you walk through the tunnel, the wooden and brick structures sprawl across the ceiling, and over the walls in a multitude of colors. All the while, perpendicular structures of wooden beams intersect with the bricks.

As you enter, there is a blue heron leaping into flight, and as you follow its lead, you are surrounded by the watery wall treatments, and the intersecting brick and wood patterns. There are also several local plants weaving in and out of the structural elements throughout the tunnel, with strands of native beads wrapped through and around all the structures.

Once you’ve reached the other side of the tunnel, the background has changed into an earthy terracotta with a large burrowing owl perched among the patterns end.

Calesa Township Birds of Passage Tunnel
Calesa Township Birds of Passage Tunnel
Calesa Township Birds of Passage Tunnel
Calesa Township Birds of Passage Tunnel

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With an extensive trails systems including both dirt trail nature hikes, and paved fitness paths with yoga pavilions perfectly spaced throughout the community, Calesa Township is the place to be! This unique trails system will keep children and adults of all ages occupied and motivated for hours. Best of all, kids will be able to move throughout the community without having to cross a street. Complete with community pools, soccer fields, and basketball courts, Calesa Township is likely to be the healthiest community in Ocala, FL.


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