6 Steps to Homeownership at Calesa Township

The decision of homeownership is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. It is a big commitment, and a very rewarding one when done properly. We are honored to be a part of this milestone with you. Before you experience the Calesa Township lifestyle, we’ve narrowed down the process and will take you step by step to ensure a smooth and easy transaction from signing your purchase agreement to building your home. Follow along!

Path to Home Ownership at Calesa Township Calculate Affordability


The first step to home buying is knowing what your budget is. It is best to go into the process with a number in mind so you won’t shop outside of your means. Sit down and look at your monthly expenses, including Fixed expenses and Variable expenses. While Fixed expenses are not as easy to trim and scale back on, take a more in-depth look at your Variable expenses and see where you can cut back. Make coffee at home instead of running to Starbucks three times a week, or meal prep to cut the temptation of eating out. This category is where you will see you can save the most money.

The next step is to look at your credit.


You are getting closer to purchasing a home! Now you must work closely with your lender and decide which loan will best fit you and your family’s needs. In this process, your lender will need some documents to process your application, including identity and income verification:

    • Pay Stubs for the last 30 days.
    • W-2 Forms for the previous two years.
    • Current Driver’s license, state ID, or passport.
    • Child Support/alimony friend of the court printout or 12 months of cancelled checks.
    • Award letters for Social Security.
    • 1099 for disability income.
    • Income from rent, commission, interest, or sources other than salary.

For Sources of funds/ down payment, you will need:

    • Bank statements for the last three months, including savings, checking, and investment accounts.
    • Stock and securities account statements for the previous three months.
    • Closing disclosure if using funds from the sale of the property.
    • Sale of assets: proof of ownership and proof of funds transfer.
    • For gift of funds: A gift letter, evidence of transfer, and sometimes evidence of withdrawal.

If you are self-employed, you may need:

    • Signed, completed tax returns for the past two years, including personal, partnership, and corporate if applicable; please include schedules.
    • Business profit and loss statement year-to-date for the current year, if more than three months have passed since the end of the tax year.

*All these documents may not be needed during the loan process, but it is good to come prepared to not delay the process.

After the loan is processed, you will receive your loan estimate detailing the loan you are applying for. Next, it will go to processing where an underwriter will approve or deny your loan. Once approved, you will receive a loan approval commitment letter from your lender.

Path to Home Ownership at Calesa Township Get Pre-Approved
Larkspur home in Calesa Township Ocala, FL


Now the real fun begins! Just like your budget, come prepared with a list of what you want in your new home! Will you want a one-story, two-story, or single-family home? And how many bedrooms? Also, homesite location will play a role in Calesa Township if being closer to specific amenities versus others is a priority to you and your family.

Your Calesa Community Specialist will navigate you through the buying process. As this will be an exciting new chapter in your life, it can also be overwhelming. Calesa Township prides itself in having Licensed Real Estate Agents who bring knowledge and expertise to the table with customers to share Calesa and all it offers. Your Community Specialist will remain with you throughout your home buying journey, so be sure to share your specific needs and wants for your new home. Your Community Specialist is welcoming you with open arms into the Calesa family, and we will make sure you are taken care of as such.

Your Community Specialist will also help you through the design selection process in order for you to personalize your home according to your taste and budget.

*There are many colors and finishes available to suit your family’s style.


Things are getting exciting now! You are making things official and signing a purchase agreement to proceed with building a new home. Leading up to the final signing, inquire with your Community Specialist about any concerns or questions you might have. A Purchase Agreement will include:

    • Property Description
    • Purchase Price
    • Buyer Information
    • Financing Information, If Any
    • Broker Information, If Any
    • Final Walkthrough Details
    • Estimated Closing Date
    • Limited Warranty Information

Remember to closely read over your purchase agreement before signing. Your Community Specialist will assist you if you have any questions.

Path to Home Ownership at Calesa Township Sign the contract


Path to Home Ownership at Calesa Township Home Building Expectations

To ensure every Colen Built Development home is constructed to our exacting standards, only trade contractors authorized by Colen Built Development will be building your new home. Your satisfaction is our priority so we will keep you informed during your homes construction by including you in three important phases:

Once your permitted home plans are received from Marion County, your Superintendent will contact you to schedule your Pre-Start Orientation, which will occur approximately one week before starting your home’s construction. This appointment can be done in person or as a conference call and will take about an hour. At your Pre-Start Orientation, you will meet with your Superintendent and any other parties associated with the Purchase Agreement that wish to attend. You will review your selections, discuss interior features, and confirm the upgraded features you selected.

Prior to installment of drywall, a meeting with your superintendent is necessary to confirm that all your options/upgrades are installed correctly and to allow you an opportunity to view the structural, electrical, and mechanical components of your home.

Your PCO, or final walk-through, will occur approximately 3 days prior to your closing, and is an exciting milestone in your homes construction. The purpose of this meeting is to welcome you to your completed home and assure your satisfaction prior to closing.


Path to Home Ownership at Calesa Township Enjoy Your New Home

As a new homeowner, you will be responsible for coordinating your utilities with local companies. Arrangements are recommended to be made before the closing date.

Your visit to the title company for the closing process consists of signing all of the necessary documents to transfer ownership from Calesa Township to you. If you chose to finance, the loan documents would be delivered to the title company, which will calculate the amount of your down payment and closing costs. Your title company will provide you with payment instructions and the exact amount required at closing. You will also need to bring some form of ID (preferably a Driver’s License) to your closing appointment. After your close, a deed for your property will be recorded in the Official Records at the Marion County Clerk’s Office. The original recorded deed will be mailed to you four to six weeks after closing. If title insurance is purchased, promptly following the recording of the deed, the title agency prepares a “Title Insurance Policy,” which protects you from an unmarketable title, i.e., encumbrances, liens, etc., on your property. You will receive your title insurance policy anywhere from two to three weeks following the closing. Once all funds are deposited, and your loan has been funded, you will be presented with the keys to your new home.

Your Calesa lifestyle begins now! As you familiarize yourself with your new community and neighbors, make sure to explore all the amenities our community offers, like the community pool, trail systems, the FAST facility, and much more! Calesa redefines “family living” and gives it a luxury twist. We have a feeling you will never look back once moving into Calesa Township!

With open arms, we welcome you to Calesa Township! Experience family living well planned!

Calesa Township is Ocala’s Next Big Thing in Family Living!

Calesa Township offers a mix of housing products appealing to a diverse range of demographics, including one and two-story single-family detached homes and, in future development, multi-family attached homes. With an extensive trail system, yoga pavilions perfectly spaced throughout the community, community pools, soccer fields, and basketball courts, Calesa Township is the place to be! We invite you to learn more about Calesa Township, likely to be the healthiest community in Ocala, FL.


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