Own Your Dream

The dream of home ownership is well within your reach at Calesa Township. The KeyTurner program is a valuable tool to prepare buyers financially to purchase a new home.

Purchasing a New Home

can be complicated and filled with questions:

Where should one begin?
Who can be relied upon?
Will eligibility be an issue?

The KeyTurner Program was developed to streamline the home purchasing journey for our clients, offering expert assistance and financial optimization strategies to simplify the process.

When you join our KeyTurner program, the benefits are endless! Our credit optimization coaches will help you get
started by:

  • Providing a free credit score analysis
  • Troubleshooting loan applications
  • Helping you repair, restore and improve your credit rating
  • Helping you resolve outstanding debt and manage personal budgets

At the end of the KeyTurner program, not only will you gain freedom and control over your financial future, but you’ll also be ready to unlock homeownership at Calesa Township.

Ready. Set. Go!

Calesa Township has partnered with the best credit optimization coaches in the industry who will guide you through the home buying process in detail and work with you to chart a simple-to follow plan to help you unlock homeownership.

  • Qualifying for a mortgage
  • Money for a down payment
  • Low credit rating
  • Basic home buying knowledge

This invaluable guidance is entirely FREE for our customers.

Unlock Homeownership!

1. Choose Your Home

Once you’ve identified the home that best suits your needs, your community specialist will guide you on the next steps and introduce you to your credit optimization coach.

2. Map Your Dream

A credit optimization coach will conduct a complete financial analysis and develop a plan to help you reach your homeownership goals. Your coach will get to know you, your family and your unique financial circumstances.

3. Communication

A timeline and milestones will be established, and follow-up meetings will be scheduled to support your progress. Your credit optimization coach is there to help you meet your goals and assist you throughout the process.

4. Financial Optimization

A new credit analysis will be conducted to reflect your newly updated financial status.

5. Welcome to Homeownership!

Celebrate your successful completion of the KeyTurner program. You are now ready to purchase your dream home in Calesa Township.

Calesa Township is Ocala’s Next Big Thing in Family Living!

With an extensive trails systems including both dirt trail nature hikes, and paved fitness paths with yoga pavilions perfectly spaced throughout the community, Calesa Township is the place to be! This unique trails system will keep children and adults of all ages occupied and motivated for hours. Best of all, kids will be able to move throughout the community without having to cross a street. Complete with community pools, soccer fields, and basketball courts, Calesa Township is likely to be the healthiest community in Ocala, FL.


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